As managers, one thing that we are forced to love is documentation. While this is extremely crucial to the process, documentation is not something that speaks efficiently to the target audience it may cover some parts of the explanation yet people tend to argue more when they have extensive documentation in their court to review.

The idea of this blog piece would be why we need to have hybrid documentation for app development having visual items to display whilst explaining the core components of a product.

Some of the key elements to explain the topic are explained below:

Humans Process Visual Data Better

We all design products, don’t we?

Funny question, because we don’t. But talk about the some that actually do — regardless of the field and niche they may find themselves in — one question haunts them all the same: What is important? OR Given the context of this blog-piece, how to prioritise features for a product?

In this text, we will talk about the two most popular ways of prioritizing features for a product:

The Value versus Complexity Quadrant

Cygnis Media is a top-notch web and mobile app development company offering excellent and industry-leading solutions, which recently caught GoodFirms’ attention.

GoodFirms is a Washington DC-based agency, which executes reliable research and reviews the service providers. The end motive of the research is to help service seekers select the best match for their requirements as well as give a platform to service providers for displaying their skills, and value-adding practices.

About Cygnis Media

Here at Cygnis Media, we are in the business of all things tech — more specifically software development — related, and that is usually the content you find on our channels. However, we wanted to take a moment to talk about an issue that we feel is extremely important for us as human beings to come together on and take steps to solving, in order to leave a better tomorrow for our children.

We put together a short video to help spread awareness of Plastic Waste Pollution and its harrowing effects on our planet. We hope you find it informative…

Every few years, our talented team of 2D / 3D designers & animators work towards putting together a video that showcases our latest work (it also gives them the opportunity to show off their skills). With 2018 now just 2 months away from drawing to a close, we felt it would be a good time to unveil our showreel containing some of the fantastic projects we were fortunate enough to work on this year.

Starting off the video is The Body Shop, a globally renowned brand in the cosmetics, skin care and perfume space. For this project, we custom…

Virtual Reality (VR) is an area that has long fascinated us. If you look at the skill-sets we possess, the services we offer and the projects we have done in the past, this will seem like a very natural progression.

We design and develop apps for the web and mobile platforms. These often range in genres and types, from large scale enterprise products such as CRM and HR management systems to digital campaigns and games for brands and businesses. Three years ago, we added 3D design, modeling, animation and more to our repertoire by starting a VFX wing called CygnisFX.

Behind every functional mobile application is a good QA team. Quality assurance testing ensures that your product covers business objectives and customer expectations. And as app developers and businesses rush to bring mobile apps to market, quality testing is more important now than ever before.

Here are 15 tips that can help you win in mobile app testing.

1. Optimization

It is remarkable how many parallels can be drawn between real-world situations and programming a piece of software. We found some amazing quotes, some thought provoking, some hilarious, but all equally apt when seen through the lens of a application developer.

1 ― A beautiful solution

A quick Google search on “Brainstorming” will reveal that (perhaps surprisingly) many industry experts find this to be a waste of time. They identify the problems with Brainstorming- of which there are definitely several- and why it can be an inefficient way to use our time. But what we didn’t seem to find were “solutions”.

In this post, we’ll try to address some of those problems and how to be more efficient in our brainstorming activities.

Designing a user journey means thinking from the perspective of the end user.

In previous posts, we discussed that the path to a truly great user experience is to know what your audience actually needs and the problem you are trying to solve, and then design accordingly. It improves user experience and encourages users to stay loyal for longer. This can be anything from new features that makes tasks seamless to attractive UIs. But sometimes, knowing what annoys your end users can be just as useful.

Here are some things that users wish app designers would stop doing.

1. Ignoring One Handed Use

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